10 Tips for Creating an Effective Email Campaign

In 1978, Gary Thuerk sent a promotional email for his company to 400 recipients, which brought $13M in sales. It is the time when Email Marketing started its journey; now, in 2023, email has the same importance for marketing purposes. If you wonder why email marketing still works in the era of thousands of other CRM tools and communication ways, then this blog will not answer your question. Still, we can understand some components to clarify why we discuss email marketing and its effectiveness. 

Email Marketing is the only channel where you can talk with your audience directly; it’s like a one-on-one conversation. It’s not about the senders only, but the consumers also want to receive the brand offers via Emails. 

In this blog, let’s understand how effectively you can create an email campaign that will bring you dollars with credibility. Thousands of people send emails daily, and you will be one of them; your recipient might be subscribed to many email newsletters, and you will be lost in the ocean, so you need to do something odd to stand out. If you are going to send sales email without any value, then you are already out of the race. 

Know your audience

If you plan to send emails and must be aware of your audience, please stop there. You, as a sender, need to understand who you are sending the mail to; if your messages are for everybody, then it’s for nobody, and it’s generic. 

With the advancement of technology and generation, nowadays, people like personalized and highly relevant offers. Before you send the email, here are some questions you can ask yourself. 

  • What are the interests of my recipients?
  • When and how do they want to receive the email? 
  • What sets them apart from other non-subscribers? 
  • Why did they subscribe? 
  • What am I going to send to the subscribers? 

You will not have all of the answers on the first day, but you will know it all with time, and these questions are a must to get the maximum out of your email campaigns. 

Lead Magnets

In the last point, I suggested you ask why they subscribe. What was your answer? You may have written that on a doc file; if you didn’t, it’s time to do it, as we are talking about the lead magnet. Lead magnet is the first thing that brings people to your email list. If you are not offering something valuable, then no one is going to subscribe to your newsletter. 

Anirban, aren’t we talking about how to make our email better? 

Yes, We are, but if you need the funnel to invite people to your email, what is the importance of other steps? 

Your lead magnet needs to be more eye-catching and compelling, which will grab the attention at first glance. Most websites, like Hubspot, eBook, and free courses, lead magnets, and people happily write their emails. 

Segmentation of your subscribers 

We have already talked about knowing your audience so you know how to categorize them. Email Marketing can be used for multiple things; you can sell courses, services, products, or purely educate. Let’s say you are running an education business where you want to sell various methods; some systems are for those below 16 years old, and the other two are above 18 and above 25, respectively. Then, you need to create 3 segments of your email subscribers to send them their needs. 

Again, here, you need to understand these 4 crucial points

  • Demographics
  • Requested email frequency
  • Content interest
  • Location
  • Purchase history
  • Email open time

Write excellent subject lines.

When you receive an email in your inbox, the first thing you check is the subject line, don’t you? If it doesn’t excite you, then there is a 90% chance you will not open the email. The subject line is like a gatekeeper who will define the recipient’s behaviour. To make your email clickable, I have some suggestions here. 

  • Use actionable languages 
  • Make it as personalized as you can
  • Make it catchy 
  • Try to connect with some recent events 
  • Your email copy and the subject line should be in sync
  • Your email copy and the subject line should be in sync

Design Mobile-friendly emails 

People read blogs, check shopping websites, and everything from mobile most of the time, and email is no exception. The email campaign should be designed to be visible to everyone, mainly when it is a sales email or images. Here, I will mention some of the key points to keep in mind when you write your following email. 

  • Place important links at the top of the page rather than down below.
  • Keep the graphics small.
  • Use text only where appropriate.
  • Optimize images.
  • Test different sizes of fonts and margins.

A/B test email campaign 

People make mistakes; it’s expected, but improvement with time is the real deal. The recipient wants to receive the best from you, so you must keep that in mind and test until you find your best voice. 

You can try different subject lines; the subject line is one of the most essential things in email marketing. Nowadays, every email marketing platform offers A/B testing; you can try different formats and ideas and bring the best to make your recipients happy and generate more revenue or whatever goals you want to achieve. 

Add a CTA

If you can satisfy your audience, you can ask them to do more; if you want to take any other action, It might be upsold or cross-selling, you can simply add the call to action button. People always want to know where to go next, so here are some ideas to achieve your wants. 

  • Signing up for a new program
  • Read more blog 
  • Promotion of other blogs/websites/or any services (As an affiliate)
  • Download a white paper 
  • Ask people to join a webinar


It’s only possible to maintain all with a team. 5000 people drop their emails on your website. Can you send them customized emails to each of them? No! If you juggle multiple tasks to keep your business sailing, then you are probably running out of time and missing a lot of opportunities. Here comes the role of automation. 

With the help of automation, you can do more in less time and reach out to your subscribers at any time of the day and according to their behaviour. 

Let’s understand this with an example: You have a website selling trekking gear; someone buys a product, and once they finish their payment and all processes, they can receive a thank you email with a discount coupon for future opportunities of buying from you. Here, you make the process simple to say thank you and open the opportunity while maintaining a good relationship. 

Make your copy perfect 

If I send you 500 words without formatting and without maintaining any consistency, will you give my email a read? Perhaps not, as you expect a clear and easy-to-read while attracting copy. Similarly, you need to remember that while working on your email marketing. Write the exact things, and delete the fluff; you might have much to say, but don’t complicate it. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your reader before sending the mail. Be super concise, and if you want to tell them more, you can add a link to your website blog section or landing page. 

Learn persuasive writing; it will not add another skill but will make your email marketing smooth. Tell a story instead of selling anything; people will remember your account, not your service. 

Find your timing 

It’s easy to send mail, but it’s pretty disheartening not to hear from them back. There might be ample reasons for it, but the timing is one of the critical matters. Try to understand the best time to send emails; when most of your subscribers stay active, they will give it a read, and then some conversion can happen. 


Many people might not be active on your email list; either they aren’t interested, or they don’t use the mail anymore; in the latter case, email cleaning can help, but in the first case, you can offer them something that brings them back to your emails. 



Every other channel can be abolished, but email marketing won’t. Focus on your email marketing more than ever, create good copies, and customize the design, layout, and fonts. Email Marketing won’t die; it’s proven, so don’t neglect it anymore; use it to do your business. Now you know what you need to do, take your time; it’s the ideal time to do it. You can book a call with us for the email outreach, too, if you have no time. 

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